On the the road with The Blues Disciples, Barefoot Jimmy, Pauli Walnuts, Hot Karl and 3x Gannon are shuffling our way thru the Virgin Islands.  Highlights includes massive amounts of blues, jamming, herbage, rum and great meals.  On St Thomas we played at Latitude 18 and Danny Silber and Morgan sat in and I heard "I've Got My Mojo Working" played on a steel drum by Morgan, and it was excellent LOL.

Found out at Iggies that you can't drive a Ford Flex on the sand.  Hull Bay was great (thanks Joel) were our buddy Paul Dirks sat in on bass.  On St John we tore up the beach bar and jammed with Kenny B, Andy and Pat.  The staff, Joe, 2x Jen, Mike and Chris were great.  At the Tamarind we had a great meal and shook the shack.  Thanks Stephanie, Sarah and The Chef of the Future.

I'm sitting on the deck of "The Doctor's" mountain retreat right now looking out at the Caribbean.  This is 100% Hollywood/Malibu luxury that we wouldn't be enjoying if it wasn't for Pauli's sister Kay and her husband David.  They also are the owners of Porky's Backyard Blues & BBQ where we play tomorrow afternoon.

We return April 10th and on April 11th I fire up the van and pick up the Chain Smoker's and meet Westside Andy at The Knuckle Down for some Madison, WI blues partying.  On Saturday the 12th we play a new venue in Love Park Il, The Hope & Anchor Inn with Westside on the harp.  See ya

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