Our last CD "Shake Your Boogie" is still listed on CDBaby.com as a top ten seller for Chicago Style Blues.  You can also find us at Amazon.com and a locally in Miwaukee Metro at The Exclusive Company, in Greenfield,WI.

We're starting our way back home tomorrow after playing the Time Out Pub in Rockland Maine tonight at 7pm.  Good tour so far. Great driving thru some cool old three and four hundred year old towns.  They think we talk funny!! Imagine that LOL.

Check the schedule for remaining shows.  Otherwise we'll be home to play 5the Italian Community Center, in Milwaukee on Tuesday 9/2/12 with Benny Rickun on harp.

Time for another great Sunday afternoon of blues at Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall, 1920 s. 37th ave, Milwaukee, WI tomorrow 8/19/12 with The Blind Giant of Bourbon St, Brian Lee and his great band.  We'll be opening on the front stage and Brian will be holding court on the back stage.  $15 cover helps Brian cover some of the massive medical bills he's incurred with his recent surgeries...

Big Al is back on the band stand on Friday and Saturday night this weekend. We're looking forward to having him back in the van.

Here's our schedule this week...

We're home from our tour of Canada. Played three big blues festivals and played and met a slew of great people. Check out our Facebook page for updates.This week we're on home turf again. Here's the schedule...

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