I'm on recliner duty per doctor's orders.  This includes watching all episodes of The Soprano's, Deadwood, Hell on Wheels, Battlestar Galactica, Little Britain, Modern Family and Breaking Bad.  Reading detective novels, science fiction, Napoleon and Thomas Cromwell's biographies.  I am forced to play cribbage, cards and other tortures with my wife and PT LOL.  

I am on the mend and thank everyone for the calls, texts, FB and visits. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. ~ Rev

Been a busy summer.  August is half over for Christ's sake.  Had a ball at all the festivals and great to see everyone.  Played with my old bandmates the Blues Disciples today, along with Benny Rickun, PT, Joe on piano and Steve on the tubs.  Great to play with such fine musicians.  Thanks to Kats Sass for lending us their drummer Steve who did a great job. Here's our schedule for this week:

We've got a lot of our favorite harp and sax players sitting in this spring and summer.  Check the schedule to see if it's Big Al Groth, Westside Andy, Benny Rickun or Steve Vonderharr.  I love em all


The Up & Under Blues Reunion will be held at Kochanski's Beer Hall on Sunday from 2pm - 6:30pm.  Four great bands forced my hand to increase the cover charge to $15 from $10.  It's a great deal and will be a ball.   Danno will be working the door too.  Here's the poster.  Please pass it around:

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