Ahoy shipmates

The USS Nevermore has returned to port Milwaukee after a long summer  filled with an endless sea of wheat, corn, mountains, rivers, dancing dervishes, and lots of great blues friends.  Some great festivals and outdoor shows.   Westside Andy, PT and Craig tore it up as usual.  The dance floors were full and we sold out a bunch of rooms thanks to the efforts of Kris Raymond at Record Events, Betsie Brown at Blind Raccoon and Andy, Craig and PT. Big Fun but we’re glad to be home and ready to play on home turf for awhile.

We've got one more festival coming up at the Chain O' Lakes Blues Festival at the Indian Crossing Casino, in Waupaca, WI on Saturday, October 6th.  We'll be coming from St Paul, MN were we'll stop and see our friends at Wilebski's Blues Saloon on Friday night October 5th at 6pm.

September Road Trip

We leave Wednesday September 19th to play our first show in Baxter, IA at Cadillac Jack's.  We hit Omaha, NE on Thursday and end up at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee on Tuesday September 25th at 6:30pm with Big Al Groth on saxophone.  Andy will be at Otto's in Madison, WI on Tuesday with Glenn Davis.  Check Andy's site at www.westsideandy.com to see the time of the show and check out Andy's great cds.  Lot's of great blues and links.  Here's our intinerary:

Wed 9/19 Cadillac Jack's, Baxter, IA 6pm w/Westside Andy on harp

Thu. 9/20 The Chrome Lounge, Omaha, NE 6pm w/Westside Andy on harp

Fri   9/21 Lefty's Live, Des Moines, IA 8pm w/Westside Andy on harp

Sat  9/22 Potter's Mill, Bellvue, IA 8pm w/Westside Andy on harp

Sun 9/23 Pop's Place, Decatur, IL 3om w/Westside Andy on harp

Mon 9/24 Alamo II, Springfield, IL 8pm w/Westside Andy on harp

Tue  9/25 Italian Community Center, Milwaukee, WI 6:30pm featuring Big Al Groth on sax

Quivey Grove Beer Festival 

We return to the Quivey Grove Beer Festival in Fitchburg, WI on Saturday, September 29th at 1pm.  If you like beer, this is the event for you.  Westside Andy and his band had done this show for many years and it's great that he asked us to do it with him and Mel for the last 4 years

Bobby Sellers Jr Benefit

We're throwing down a blues benefit for our buddy Bobby Sellers Jr to help pay for his medical bills from his recent heart surgery at Bender's Bar & Grill in Silver Lake, WI from 3pm to 7pm.  Rev Raven & The CSAB's with Westside Andy, The Blues Disciples and Rhythm Dawg's featuring Big Al Groth and Bobby Sellers Jr.   All three bands and special guests for only $15.00.  Pass the word

Now for a commercial break from Nevermore Records

Our new CD “My Life” sat at # 1 on the Roots Music Reports Top 50 Chicago Blues Albums for 7 months.

It’s was  # 14 on the Living Blues Magazine Chart

It’s was # 1 on the Wisconsin Top 50 Chart for 7 months

# 2 on Gil Anthony’s Blues Power Show

Get your copy at:  CDBaby.com.  It features Westside Andy, Madison Slim, Cadillac Pete, Benny Rickun, Big Al Groth, Pork Chop Moore, Jimmy Voegeli, Ron Kovach, Vic Span, Bobby Sellers Jr, Spencer and Craig Panosh, PT Pedersen, Brad Bill, Andre Maritato and yours truly.  Engineered  by Steve Hamilton at Makin Sausage Studio. 


Or come out to The Italian Community Center in Milwaukee on Tuesday 8/21 and get a deal on multiple purchases of all or our music and shirts, hats etc....

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Live at the Big Bull

Our live cd from 2016 "Live at the Big Bull" is still on the Roots Radio Chart's Chicago Blues list at # 8.

Featuring Westside Andy, Big Al Groth, Benny Rickun, Pork Chop Moore, Bobby Sellers Jr and PT Pedersen.  

"Best Live CD of the Year" Blues Blast Magazine

"Best Live CD of the Year" Independent Blues                                Scene

Get a copy along with our new cd "My Life" for only $25 plus $3.50 sh.  Send your order to Nevermore Records, 3851 E. Holmes Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110

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Westside Andy's "Blues Just Happen"

A 2015 Top 30 Blues CD that features the late Barrel House Chuck, Billy Flynn, Dave Wood and Steve Dougherty.  An excellent cd by some of the best players.  Go to www.westsideandy.com to check it out and buy a copy or two.  This CD is also sold at all CSAB shows too. 











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